What is the countSTICK "Tubeless Tube Counter"?

This article provides a general overview of the countSTICK including the counting capabilities, reporting options, and battery runtime.

What is the countSTICK?

countSTICK is a non-intrusive Automatic Traffic Recorder (ATR) that records directional volume and vehicle speed data on two-lane roads without the need for road tubes.  Discretely install "The Tubeless Tube Counter" with a hose clamp or zip tie on a signpost or streetlight in less than five minutes without needing to ever step foot on the roadway.  Based on video and artificial intelligence technology, the GPS enabled countSTICK is the safest and most accurate portable traffic counting device available.


What data does the countSTICK provide?

The countSTICK is currently optimized to provided directional volumes and average speed, with 95% accuracy, on two lane suburban/rural roadways. Downloadable .csv reports provide the volume and average speed data in bin sizes of the users choosing. 5-, 15-, and 60-minute bin options are currently provided.

The countSTICK's software is continuing to be expanded allowing for additional reporting options and expanded count capabilities. Software updates can be installed on any countSTICK device ensuring your countSTICK is always up-to-date.


How long can the countSTICK record?

The countSTICK comes with an internal battery that allows for 65 continuous hours of recording.  Once you have turned on the device, the countSTICK will count vehicles until the recording is stopped manually or the battery is depleted.