My countSTICK seems to be including pedestrians in the results. How do I avoid this?

Article providing information on how pedestrians impact countSTICK data and how to minimize their impact on the vehicle reports.

The countSTICK uses computer vision to track and count vehicles as they pass the countSTICK's view. This counting will be impacted by pedestrians though the following steps can be used to minimize pedestrian impacts:

  1. Use the countSTICK at locations where low pedestrian traffic is expected. Under these situations pedestrian volume will not be high enough to impact the count.
  2. Avoid setting the countSTICK at locations where pedestrians pass in front of the countSTICK in close proximity to the device. Under this situation the pedestrian will appear larger and quickly pass the countSTICK's view which may cause a false positive vehicle count. Pedestrians on the far side of the roadway will have less impact on the count as their speed and size will notify the countSTICK they are not a vehicle and they will be omitted from the count.