How do I download data from the countSTICK?

Article summarizing the steps to download data from the countSTICK

Once you have collected data with the countSTICK the following steps should be followed to retrieve your vehicle data. A video showing this process can be watched HERE.

  1. Connect the countSTICK to your computer using the provided USB-C cable. Most computers will give an audible notification that the device was detected. A green light illuminate on the device.
  2. Navigate to the countSTICK Dashboard using a web browser. The dashboard can be accessed by typing "http://", followed by the serial number of the countSTICK, followed by ".local". For example countSTICK 100357 would be accessed by typing http://cs100357.local
  3. Select the study you wish to download. Studies are shown newest to oldest from top to bottom. Select the bin size you would like the data output in from the report interval section, provide the rightbound/leftbound heading information, and click DOWNLOAD REPORT
  1. Your data will download to the download folder of your computer


In some situations the computer may not recognize the countSTICK device when plugged in, and the dashboard will not be able to be accessed. If this occurs please download and install the Windows Driver HERE.