How do I set up the countSTICK in the field?

Video and process overviewing of the steps for setting up the countSTICK in the field.

The countSTICK Set Up Video provides a step-by-step process for setting up the countSTICK to collect directional volume data. The following steps summarize the process:

countSTICK Setup

  1. Locate a signpost or utility pole adjacent to the road you wish to collect data on. Install the countSTICK along roadway segments similar to where you would set a tube counter. Avoid setting the countSTICK near or at intersections as the cross-street traffic will impact the count.
  2. Fasten the countSTICK to the mounting location using a zip tie or hose clamp. If using a hose clamp be sure not to overtighten as this can damage the countSTICK's housing.
  3. Set the countSTICK perpendicular to the road being counted.
  4. Turn on the countSTICK by depressing the button on the bottom of the device. This will initiate the countSTICK's bootup process. The top light on the front of the countSTICK will then start to flash when vehicles pass. This indicates the countSTICK is collecting vehicle data.
  5. Walk away, you are now collecting vehicle data.