I Can Not Connect to the countSTICK Dashboard. How do I fix this?

Article summarizing the steps to download and install the RNDIS Driver. This driver is needed on each computer that will be downloading reports from the countSTICK Dashboard

Some computers may not be able to access the countSTICK dashboard when it is plugged in with the USB-C cable. When this occurs it means a Windows Driver must be installed on your computer. The following steps provide the install files and steps to complete this process. A video showing the processed can be viewed HERE.

  1. Download the RNDIS files by clicking HERE.
  2. Once downloaded extract the install files. two files labelled RNDIS should extract.
  3. Install the files by right clicking on the information file labelled RNDIS and clicking "install". Follow the prompts to install the driver
  4. Restart your computer once the driver is installed to complete the installation process.
  5. Navigate to the countSTICK dashboard using the process defined HERE.