How do I prepare the countSTICK for use?

Article providing information on steps to complete before using the countSTICK for the first study.

Once you have received the countSTICK the following steps should be followed to ensure proper functionality.

  1. Fully Charge the countSTICK using the provided charging cable. The device is fully charged when the red charging indication turns off and the battery indication illuminates all five LED when pressed.
  2. Initiate GPS connection and mapping by setting the countSTICK outside in a location with full view of the sky. Turn on the countSTICK by depressing the power button on the bottom of the device. Allow the countSTICK to run for a minimum of 5-hours. This step will ensure the countSTICK connects to satellites and downloads the location maps. This will result in the unit adjusting to your current time zone and ensure reports are written for your specific location.
  3. Check that a GPS connection was achieved by connecting to the countSTICK Dashboard. Complete this step by connecting the countSTICK to your computer using the provided USB-C cable. once connected, and the green light has illuminated on the device, open a web browser and navigate to the dashboard. This is achieved by typing in the countSTICK serial number, shown on your device, followed by ".local/" (i.e cs100394.local/). Once connected to the dashboard check that a location link is provided for the most recent study and that the end date/time of the study is correct. The start date/time of the study will likely be incorrect as the device had not yet been synched.
  4. Your countSTICK is now ready for use